Saturday, September 4, 2010

A room for a couple and this dog?

Greetings all - I've lived in the Hook for 3 years, and now am looking for a place in the neighborhood to shack up with my partner and his little dog (see above). We've "lived" together for 6 months, during most of which both of us had stints out of town performing, so we made do by adding them to my room. Now we'd like more space; what space ~$1200/month can get us. Either our own, or shared with fun folks. Please send leads, ideas, or just pass our info along.
-Thank you, Sophie

Description: We're a guy + gal in our 30's with a 9-yr-old, 6lb dog. The humans are performers (clown, theater) who enjoy live music, bike-commuting, eating co-op veggies, pursuing theater projects & teaching. Both have steady part-time gigs (hospital clown, energy efficiency consultation). The dog is cat-like and spends his time curled on a lap or pillow. He's house-trained, and barks when barked at/needs out/doorbell rings.
  • Red Hook, Ditmas, Lefferts, Prospect Heights, definitely Brooklyn
  • chill communal feel with housemates, good communication
  • yard/porch/terrace/balcony/roof = awesome; daylight inside too please
  • we're queer-friendly
  • move-in date is flexible
Contact: Sophie at